For A Good Time Call…

I have an intriguing business opportunity if I choose to follow up on it: Erotic telephone consultant. Or in other words, a phone sex operator. Oddly enough, it is my mother who holds the contact information for the company. Weird, right? Weird and lucrative, apparently, with a possible $1200 weekly income. Before passing the information along to me (information she came by quite randomly), she has advised me to think long and hard about all the ramifications and possible effects on my spirit.

Hmmm…this definitely poses an interesting question. Could I verbally help men get off and retain my integrity and spirituality?

It’s difficult for me to not be pragmatic about this. I really, really need some additional income. There are few jobs in which we don’t (please pardon the term) whore ourselves out sometimes. In exchange for money, we sometimes compromise our stand, agree to things we’re not totally comfortable with and allow others to act upon us in ways that can make us feel less than valuable. Of course, the argument could be made that SEX, the only 3 letter word with enough impact to be a four letter word, changes everything. Even if it’s only verbal sex. Would hearing the sordid and possibly quite perverse fantasies of strange men and enabling them jade me? Would it color my perceptions about sexuality? Would it make me feel cheap?



There is a very strong voice inside my head saying, “Hell, no, it wouldn’t make you feel cheap! You can sit at home and drink a glass of wine while you take these calls. You can do a load of laundry! You can be baking cookies for your children. Having to get a part-time waitress job (the only part time job I can think of that might accomodate my crazy work/kid schedule) and have people talk down to me would make me feel cheap.”

A small part of me also remembers all the times I’ve been told, “You’d be really good at phone sex!” Could it be a creative outlet? Not to mention the material I’d get for my blog! So far, I’m seeing a hell of a lot of pluses for at least looking into this.

On the negative side, there is the stigma associated with it. Despite the fact that I would never have anything other than verbal contact with these men, there are still people who would think I was morally bankrupt for even considering it. Plus, would I be required to tell my dating partners? At what point do you disclose the fact that men call you for phone sex and you get paid for it? Do you say, “Honey, you have nothing to fear. You’ll get my services for free!” If I had a “shift” and couldn’t make plans because I needed to be home to receive calls, would I tell people I was into telemarketing? It’s NOT something I’d feel comfortable disclosing to most people, so do I want to complicate my life with a layer of covert employment?

As my child support case is still pending, I’m definitely feeling the need to bring in more income. The thought of paying off some bills, having money for home improvements, being able to take my children on a vacation and save for their college might be enough to help me overcome the fear of stigma. Still, I’m not certain. This is definitely going to require a lot more thought. Does my future hold a side career in sexual telemarketing?


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