My Breasts Are Empowered!

I had a life-changing experience yesterday at the mall. Well…at least my breasts did.

I needed a couple of new bras, so I headed to Victoria’s Secret. I told the sales clerk my size (38C) and let her know that while I wanted a bit of lift and an underwire, I didn’t want cup sizes added or anything that pushed me up too much. She gave me a couple of styles and I headed into the dressing room.

Well…every single bra I tried on made me look like I was trying to be a porn star. The bras were uncomfortably tight and I had cleavage that made me feel ridiculous…and that’s saying a lot, since I’m not exactly cleavage-averse. After the fourth bra, I called out to a different sales clerk that was in the dressing room.

“Uh…I wonder if I need to be fitted.” I say tentatively. “These bras seem like they aren’t working.”

“Can I come in?” She asks. I open the door to allow her to see my bra-clad chest. She nods immediately. “You’re wearing the wrong size.”

She pulls at the straps and slides her hands under the band, judging the distance and then says, “You need a bigger size. Your band size doesn’t fit at all.”

I make a face of alarm. “So you’re saying I need a 40C? That size is going to be really hard to find!”

“No, your band size is too big and your cup size is way too small. I’m going to go and get you a 36DD.”

My mouth gapes in shock. 36DD??? “There’s no way that will fit me.” I tell her with a laugh. “36DD is like…”

“Huge? Porn-size breasts?” She asks with an amused smile. “What about me? That’s what I’m wearing.”

I look over her chest and she looks large-breasted, but not freakish. “Okay, I’ll try it.”

She brings back several different bras and I fully expect that my breasts will never possibly fill the DD cups. Amazingly, they not only fill it, but it fits wonderfully. My breasts look perky and lifted and even better, they actually fit into the bra. The sales clerk asks to see and she nods approvingly. “Much better.”

I purchase several lovely bras in my new 36DD, one of them a beautiful green color with embroidery and tiny rhinestones sewn into the cups. I go out for the evening with my new bras and it is AMAZING how different my chest feels. Rather than the increased cup size making me look freakish, I actually feel like they look more normal and less like I’m about to spill out of my shirt.

I realized it has been since before I had my oldest child that I was fitted for a bra. Perhaps over a decade is too long?

Today, the empowerment of my breasts has continued to put me in a good mood. It’s amazing the difference a well-fitting bra can make!


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