Love & Adventure-Single Soccer Mom Style

I never thought I would find myself trying to date in my thirties. I certainly never thought I would be attempting to balance a challenging full-time job, two children, two pets, a house, a yard and dating…in my thirties. I know that many people do it; I just didn’t think I would join the growing throng of divorced single parents trying to recover and rebuild.

Yet, here I am. On the average day you could find me driving my children to school in my mini-van, with various backpacks and lunchboxes and musical instruments rolling around in the messy floorboard. Or I’m at work, trying to be professional and efficient, while also trying to juggle the parenting duties when children fall sick, have doctor’s appointments, plan field trips, need help with class projects and…well, you get the picture.

I’m the mom in the grocery store, trying to make sure that the fruits and vegetables outnumber the sugary treats my children beg for. I’m the woman who has fantasies about lying topless on a beach somewhere while a hot man rubs oil on my back. I’m the mom who welcomes my youngest into my empty bed after she wakes in the night. I’m the woman who prays my children never find my special drawer and ask me about it. Sometimes I’m the mom with the bulging eyes and stage-whisper hissing, threatening my little angels with, “If I have to tell you one more time, I swear I will take away everything you love in life.” Yet, I’m also the woman who wants to be held, kissed, caressed and listened to by that one man that will one day “get” me.

I must confess, however, that when my children poke me in the stomach and giggle because I remind them of a certain dough boy (totally their fault!), or the cute checkout boy at the grocery store asks me if I need help out (gone are the days when they actually asked me out); Well, those are the days that the thought of trying to put on some heels and a cute little outfit and go hit “the scene” is about as appealing to me as the mold that I know lurks on the leftovers in my fridge.

Still, I’m in my mid-thirties. The fruit is ripe. The flower has bloomed. The wine has matured. I need to be pollinated. Or, if I cut through all the pretty bullshit…I’m lonely and horny.

I love being a mom (most of the time). Yet I also realize that there is a lot more to me than the mini-van and endless juggling, the bed-time stories and school lunches. I am deep and interesting and sexy…along with frazzled, scattered, and far too busy (and old) to hit the clubs.

So now I’m back into the dating scene. This blog will chronicle the ups and downs of dating as a single mom. It will lay out the good, the bad, and the ugly of trying to be sexy and sexual (while always keeping a cell phone close in case the kids need me). Who knows where the journey will take me?

This blog is for single soccer moms everywhere. We are many, we are strong and we are SEXY!

One Response to “Love & Adventure-Single Soccer Mom Style”

  1. You certainly are interesting, strong and sexy! Look out, World! Here she comes!

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