Winner of the Day!

Today’s ad winner makes me question if this is actually a sincere posting. Is someone amusing themselves to see who would answer this ad? If not, I feel truly frightened…

“Wad uph girl are u looking for some one to be wit for long time & have thos speshel times wit tha real person , im like 5’9 weght 165, i got brown eyes short black hear i dres nice & i have nice black BMW M3 livin bay my self and looking for same one who cen live to me and work wit me im a track driver so im not bean home alot so thats what kinda person im if u interesting just give me a call ( five zero two) for n9n for -two tree for 8th
interesting only GIRLS AND FEMAILS nO GAME i dont have time for tha !!!!!”

I’m sincerely hoping this is someone looking for a good laugh…

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