Winner of the Day!

I just love a man who is very specific with what he wants. He even has the courtesy to include a picture, just to give you an idea of the woman he’s looking for. I will attach it for your viewing pleasure!

Don't answer unless you look like this!

 I’ve highlighted some of my favorite lines from this ad, purely because it amuses me.

First things first. I’m in the Phoenix Arizona area, so you would need to be open to relocation if interested. I will fly the “right” girl here to check things out and see how we like each other. Ok, I guess I should start with the basics. I’m a single white male, 47, 6 ft, 180lbs, nice build and not bad looking if I may say so myself…. Yeah sure, they all say that right? Sorry but I’m hesitant to post a pic on here for privacy reasons. I’m a professional and it would be very embarrassing to have someone I work with see and read a personal ad of mine. My romantic desires are my business and I don’t want someone who knows me stumbling upon my ad. So, if you are interested you’ll have to write me to see pics.

My interests are many, in fact I sometimes feel I have so many hobbies/interests that I never seem to achieve what I consider perfection or the ultimate at any. My favorites are, motorcycles (dirt biking as well as harleys), cars (corvettes, see my baby below), guns (handguns, military weapons) I really don’t hunt. I just like to collect and shoot them. Yes, I firmly believe in the right to bear arms.

I’m also really into digital camera equipment and photography. I love taking sexy pics of my woman. My type enjoys doing so. I’m a home owner and I really enjoy home improvement projects both inside and outside. Though I’m an aerospace manufacturing engineer by profession, I’m also a journeyman tool and die maker and have worked in the construction trades doing custom cabinetry and remodeling. My home is only 5 years old so I have tons of improvement projects planned for it. A woman’s opinion on some of these projects would be nice. I also stay fit by riding my mountain bike around town. Don’t picture a guy in spandex please…ughh. You’d see me in my 501s and sleeveless t-shirt cruising with a beer in my hand…lol (well, I wish I could get away with that, the beer that is). Seriously if you lived within a 10 mile perimeter of me you’d know my face from seeing me riding my bicycle. I walk into grocery stores and people say “hey, I see you riding your bike all the time”….lol……. lets see what else. I listen to classic rock but get tired of the same old thing so, I enjoy new alternative rock as well. Also some blues, I know, understand and appreciate the evolution of modern day music. That means yes, I listen to the blues. Other entertainment I enjoy would be motorsports. I live near firebird raceway and attend just about every event out there. I’m from the Bay Area CA so I like to take road trips back there and drive highway 1 along the northern and southern california coast. I have a house in the bay area as well as the one here in Phoenix but I plan to sell it soon.

So why am I here? Very simple, I’m single, work all the time and never seem to run into a young hottie at the gas station or knocking at my door selling cookies… ; ) Craigslist is free so I think I’ll take advantage of that. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain right? I’ve tried a couple pay dating sights but they seem to limit your search and what your allowed to say in your ad. Like one place wouldn’t let me say I want a sexy woman who has or wants really BIG implants. Also wouldn’t allow me to limit the age bracket I’m seeking to 18-35 year olds. Imagine that. They think they know what my tastes should be…… wrong!…lol.

Anyway, yes, I seek a sexy young woman in that age range. You must be slim and fit. Also no kids. I’m hell bent on finding someone who has or wants very very large boobs as in “fake ones”. I just love the look and always will. It drives me wild. I’m not kidding you. I’m crazy about huge fake boobs! To each their own and my type loves and wants them as much as I do. See the look I want my girl to have below. Yes it can take more than one augmentation to get to that size, depending on existing size. Again, you dont need to have them, just willing to get them! Please dont waste my time or yours by answering this ad if you dont want them. Also, I really want someone interested in a long term live-in relationship hopefully resulting in marriage. I’m really tired of living alone. I want someone I can invest in both financially and emotionally. I want a woman’s touch around the house. I want a partner in life.

If you feel we have common wants and interests and you meet the description above (no exceptions please), write and send a pic or two. I will respond in kind. I have a blackberry and am very attentive to my emails. Now speaking of responses. Please title your response “I want to be a Sexy Wife” That way it will stand out from the millions of spam responses I will get from placing this ad (if you have ever placed an ad here you know what I’m talking about).

Thanks for taking the time to read my ad, have a great day and good luck in your search.

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