Five Months and Counting…

Something extraordinary has happened. I’ve been dating the same person for five months! We haven’t broken up and gotten back together; we haven’t been on-again, off-again or ambivalent about seeing each other. Furthermore, this is the first time in four years that I both see a future with someone and see no impediment to that future looming (while I try desperately to ignore it). Everything just feels…right.

Don’t get me wrong, that isn’t to say perfect. Because, really, do any of us in our thirties still believe in the concept of perfection when it comes to relationships? It may not be perfect, but it feels really good. Low-stress, easy conversation and companionship, shared values and interests and a high-level of passion that is exciting and fulfilling without feeling destructive or obsessive.

With as wonderful as all of this feels, I’m trying really hard to not push it anywhere it’s not ready to go naturally. Even though I feel like I’m falling in love with him and the words have hovered on the tip of my tongue several times, I’m holding them back for now. It’s too soon. Even though part of me wants to say “I’m ready for you to meet my children and I want to meet yours”, I’m still waiting. It won’t hurt a thing to wait a couple of more months to solidify the feelings and the relationship. There’s no hurry; why push it? It certainly helps me to feel relaxed that I continue to see the relationship growing and evolving and that time has shown me that he is a man of integrity. I trust him…which is saying a lot.

So for now (hopefully for a long time), my tales of dating adventure are at an end. Still, never fear: I may still pop back up for the occasional, odd topic…


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