Traveling Toward The Absurd

The last couple of months have been busy! I’ve ended a relationship, traveled to a foreign country and finally managed to get clarity on the ending of my marriage (which was over four years ago). All of this inbetween working a full time job, raising two children, taking care of a home and yard and all the other things that go along with living an adult life.

I’ve gone out with a very nice man several times. I like him, but am certainly not ready to rush into anything (including the bedroom). The only action I’ve gotten in the last couple of months that involved another human being was when I was chosen for random searching TWICE during my travels. It left a lot to be desired.

I’ve exchanged several emails with a man who lists his age as 103, refuses to tell me how old he is and insists on dialogue that proclaims him royalty. He set forth challenges of wit, intelligence and creativity (which I passed) and said the final challenge (and the first reward) would be a date with him. While amusing and interesting, I fear showing up for a date and finding a 23 year old with delusions of grandeur (the only hint of his age I have is that he’s in law school and looks young).

During my travels I was contacted via dating app by two different men in the country I visited (I declined, due to time constraints). In each of the airports of my connecting flights, I was also contacted by men who wanted to meet me. Hmmm…how much do you think I could accomplish romantically between connections?

What do you get when your ex-husband makes over $100,000 more than you a year (that figure already includes the child support he pays); drives an expense-free, company-purchased sports car with free gas, free insurance, and free car maintenance; perks that include free cell phone and free internet;  can give himself raises and bonuses; has unlimited sick/vacation days and gets paid no matter if or when he shows up? You get a cliche that borders on the absurd, especially if you throw in a live-in hipster, minor-celebrity girlfriend who increases his all-important status exponentially, self-absorption, self-professed manipulation tactics, greed, an inability to see the big picture, excessive stubbornness, controlling behavior and a hefty dose of “in order to screw you and make my point, I’m totally willing to screw myself” attitude…well, the last few weeks have been interesting. That’s not to say lacking in stress. Yet, the silver lining is that for the first time since my divorce, I’m no longer second-guessing or mourning. I won’t hash out the patterns of behavior that left me feeling inferior and flawed, as well as crazy. Yet the latest behavior/responses from my ex-spouse have finally brought me clarity. Now, it’s about looking out for my family’s interests and remembering to laugh. Sometimes, things are so extreme and absurd you simply have to laugh long and hard, then do your best to take care of business.

I have some interesting things coming up in the future; I’m sure I’ll write about them soon. Until then, I will continue to appreciate the absurdities in life, along with all its many joys.

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