Happy Birthday To Me

I just entered my last year in my 30’s. It was a quiet, but good day, with many birthday wishes from friends. I spent the evening with my children, who showered me with love.

I’m determined this year is going to be better than last, which in many ways was spectacularly bad. I’m still trying to recover from the latter half of 2011 and most of 2012, so at a minimum, I think things can only get better!

I’ve begun therapy, which has been difficult, but ultimately I think will help me wade through it all. I feel stronger and healthier physically and I plan to continue to challenge my body. I’ve promised my children I will work on writing, because they continue to say “Mom, I think you’ll be so famous once you write your book!” While I can’t promise them fame (nor does that appeal to me tremendously), I definitely want to work toward publication. I have some exciting possibilities for my current job.

I want this next year to be about falling in love with myself. I’m going to follow the words of Walt Whitman “I celebrate myself, and sing myself”. I’m good at loving and accepting other people, but haven’t shown myself the same thing. I think it’s time that changed. I can logically tell myself that I’m a valuable person who has a tremendous amount to offer. The fact that I have spent the last two years either in a relationship where I didn’t truly feel valued/cared for the way I wanted or grieving over it’s demise tells a different story.

This next year will be different.


Love Yourself

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