In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle…The Cougar Sleeps Tonight?

COUGAR06I got called a cougar last night.

May I just state for the record that I vehemently object to that label.

First of all, I’m not quite 40. Second, I don’t pursue younger men, they pursue me. And last, I despise animal prints with a passion. With all the labeling that everyone has to do to know where they and everyone else fit into the world, where does the line between MILF and cougar stand? If a man pursues a woman that’s older than him (and one with kids), apparently he’s into MILF’s. If a woman gets bold and pursues a younger man, she’s a predatory animal? With no fashion sense? Sorry…still stuck on the animal prints…

I think I’m at the age where younger men really gravitate toward me. I don’t look 25, but in some ways I feel like I’ve grown into my looks. I’m more confident in my appearance and sexuality and it shows. I don’t feel the need for a lot of drama and posturing. I’m smart, I make my own money and I don’t feel internal pressure to get married and make babies. For a guy in his early 30’s, that can be alluring, especially since a lot of women his own age will have an internal clock going.

There is a part of me that is tempted to try out this “cougar” thing. After all, I’m already getting the label, just by way of being older than 30  and having younger men ask me out. Maybe it’s time for me to put on a slinky little dress, pull out my predatory instincts (surely they’re in there somewhere!) and go hunting. Maybe it’s time to have some fun, purely for the sake of fun, instead of sitting around feeling bereft that I haven’t found my life partner. I’m sure my “prey” wouldn’t really object!

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