An Important Note To Lurkers

A really neat feature of my blog app is that it tells me exactly how people got to my blog, complete with links to the websites. Cool feature, even if sometimes it does lead to some interesting, if not surprising, revelations.

It’s true that putting yourself out there, even without attaching your name, opens up the door for criticism. I think “pathetic” is a bit harsh, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m glad at least one of my readers has found an outlet for their pain and resentment and a place they can feel free to express their very clear anger toward me. It’s a shame they’ve managed to point people toward my blog in a hateful way, but then again, trying to process painful feelings in cyberspace is something I’m familiar with. So perhaps it’s a taste of my own medicine? 

Still, for future reference, it’s good to know I can see the websites that lead you here.


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