Final Blog

I started this blog years ago, when I was a newly single woman trying to navigate the dating world and relationships. It served as a form of expression for the hilarity, heartbreak and utter frustration that can exist in both those realms.

In the years since I’ve started it, I’ve been through a couple of relationships and many first dates. Now, I’ve been involved with the same person for over two years. Do I think he’s the one? Do I think it will last forever? You know what? I don’t even need to speculate or process that because it will be whatever it will be and I’m ok with that. I’m in a very different place than I was when this blog began.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons from writing here and corresponding with some of the readers. One of the main ones was the knowledge that people will do what they wish with my words, whether what they do with them or think about them is an accurate reflection of what I meant or not. So whether posting about myself or about someone else (and avoid posting about someone else!), be willing to face the consequences that might come from that. Nothing on the internet is anonymous and I made the mistake of thinking because I didn’t attach my name that I could use this site freely and honestly.

I’ve realized it’s time this blog ended. Both because I don’t need it any longer and because there are people who still have animosity and will behave badly to try to mock and belittle me. That’s ok too–I hope they’re somehow able to make their peace with things and move on.

I’ve started another writing project, one which won’t have the negative connotations that this blog has acquired. I’ll carry the lessons I’ve learned into this new project and once again be able to write without the constant knowledge that my words are being used against me by those who are not friends. I’m excited!

To those who have been readers from the beginning–thank you for bearing with me through what often seemed a muddled, crazy mess. Again, I believed this was a place I could process, so I wrote about things I would probably rarely talk about to anyone except my closest friends. I let all the crazy hang out. I still think there’s value in that, because we all have crazy and just try to pretend we don’t. Sometimes seeing another person’s insanity helps us realize we’re more normal than we thought! Still, when your ex’s wife is a reader and it has resulted in all kinds of drama, it gets a lot more interesting in an unpleasant way.

So, this is my final blog on this site. Thank you again to all who have taken the time to read and send me emails and comments. Many of your emails have meant a lot to me when I was going through a hard time; I so appreciate the support!  I wish you all love and joy every single day!

One Response to “Final Blog”

  1. Nooooooo, don’t let some whore ex wife win.

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