The “R” Word

So, it seems that I am officially in a relationship.

I certainly didn’t think that the date that I accepted a month ago, on the same day that I completely cut ties to my last relationship, would turn into anything. Nor did I think that he would turn out to have so many connections to my life and people already in my life.  Yet here I am, in a monogamous relationship, with this incredible man. Granted, I’ve still got some walls up. I’m still waiting for him to decide that he’s not ready, wants to play the field, has changed his mind…or any of the other dozen excuses that I’ve heard. I keep telling myself that it’s only been a month and that red flags could start showing up at any time. Yet so far, he gives every appearance of only wanting to be with me. He actually texted me the other day with “I am grateful to have you in my life”. This thrills and terrifies me at the same time. What if I fall in love with this hot, sexy, talented, intelligent, witty and incredibly complex man, only to have my heart broken?

Then again…what if he doesn’t break my heart?

Only time will tell the answers; for now I’m just trying to enjoy being with him and enjoy that he so very much wants to be with me.

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