Clunking Along…

So, it would seem my blog is in danger of fizzling out. I have mixed feelings: On the one hand, I’m dating someone and it is going well. Yay! On the other hand, my tales of dating mishaps seem to be either on hold or at an end, thus compromising my creative project. Boo! As I feel that it would be disloyal to write about someone that I’m currently involved with, it seems that tales of romance with J are also off-limits. Which is a shame, really, as he is quite the entertaining partner!

I will be deeply pondering how to keep the blog alive, while maintaining a thriving romance. I’ll also be considering other creative ventures. Feel free to submit ideas, if you feel so inclined.

About J, I will only say that he is keeping life very interesting. I don’t think that I have felt more desired. He lets me know every time we’re together how much he wants to be with me and that our relationship is treasured. He discusses future plans with me without flinching; in fact, he seems eager to talk about the future.  I don’t know (nor does anyone ever know) if this will last forever, but for now it feels very healing.

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