Winner of the Day!

Reading this ad was exhausting. I understand the need to try to be comprehensive…but, dude, write a book if you want to expound on your relationship theories! This is NOT the way to actually get a relationship!

There is a lot I don’t understand when it comes to people and their outlook on love. One thing I don’t get is when people say does he/she have there “shit together”. I think that sounds a little too materialistic to me. Is that what love is all about, material things?
Is having money and nice things is what keeps a couple together for a lifetime? To me, I don’t really think so. Because you have a fancy ride, a high paying job and a nice home doesn’t mean you have your “shit together”. I feel you have your “shit together” when you know who you are on the inside and you open your heart to love a woman for who she is and everything she is about, without any doubts. I think you have your “shit together” when you figure out what real love is and that it has nothing to do with money or judgments that bring you in doubt. Learning to love someone for who they are is so simple when a person can set aside their insecurities and there selfish ways and love someone fully as one. To look at them every day without any doubts and say “I love you” without thinking twice about it. I just feel love should be free with happiness and caring and full of trust. Inner strength that makes you feel comfortable to be with that person without any worries and doubts. Holding them and loving them every day and knowing who you really are so there is no change in the future that will destroy the love that was built by both hearts. To me unconditional love doesn’t seem to exist anymore and it’s so sad because so many are missing out on so much happiness in life. Loving someone and building their confidence to be proud of whom they are is a wonderful feeling. Cause I know that, If you can do that for someone, then you will get that in return. It’s the natural part of loving someone. That’s real love.

All I know is, I’m here being myself. This is me and this is how I feel. I want to only be with someone that can be themselves and never have to worry about trying to be someone they don’t want to be, to make the other one happy. It’s so cruel what I see when I go out and how couples treat each other, I just know a lot about love and I have felt the beauty of it and I know what it can do. It’s a very beautiful feeling if people would just open up their hearts and feel it. When I go out to places I have noticed that some women/men are being a little too selective. “You are not looking for a job; you are looking for a Love.” I am not trying to put anyone down what so ever, but I myself have been down that selective road before. I always judged people by their looks and what I can benefit from them, from being with them. And WOW. I learned the hard way. And almost all women and men learn the hard way later in life. The couple is never happy and they just split. People change, and when the love fails its only because the couple went after what they can benefit from and not the true love that lies deep in their hearts. I truly feel that some people’s expectations way too much and they shouldn’t be anyway. Only your heart can decide if the person is right for you. Not your mind. Love with your heart and you will see more happiness than you ever have.

I think somewhere in people’s lives, they stopped thinking with their hearts and they let their minds take over which brought their standards up. They didn’t know they did it. It just happens. It happens to a lot of people. Being with people that lie and cheat and back stab etc, can really hurt people for so long. They slowly build this wall on their hearts throughout the years and start becoming very selective. I can understand why it happens. Hell, it happened to me. There still isn’t any sense in taking it out on people you don’t know. We are all different in our own ways. Thinking too much about someone with your mind will only bring trouble down the road which will bring you right back to where you started. Judging within a second is terrible to me. It’s only the mind not letting the heart give a chance to that person. People will be surprised if they can give that chance. It doesn’t matter if there not the cutest person in the world, or have a new car or a lot of money. This world is too fast paced and people have forgotten about the true values of love. People today should take their time and think with their hearts. Let that flower bloom inside of you and reach out for the right person that will love you unconditionally. Their money, or job or whatever else you expected at one time will no longer made a difference., cause you truly love them for who they are, and not what they are about.

I don’t like it when women are down on themselves and don’t think they are good for anyone, and i hate it that guys make them feel that way. That is about the only thing I hate. Every woman is special in their own little way, and there special way should be only loved and respected. I think that if you can’t do that, then don’t get with them. Why get with someone you feel uncomfortable with on the inside??? It’s only going to cause more damage down the road. To her, to him and if you have children, it will also damage them. Children need that sense of security of a loving home to be raised in to see the true values of a loving mom and dad to learn from, so they can carry it on in their life and love one the same as they was taught growing up. I’m only 31 years old but I figured this out at a early age in my life.

People who have spent their lives hurting others, not caring for others, using others, being selfish, and just plain heartless is a sickness. A sickness that was brought on with time from either a poor upbringing or just plain out young and dumb and don’t care. As people get older they get lonely. They look around at happy couples, they hear stories how so and so have been married so long, and they see the bond that’s build between 2 people as they just sit at a dinner table to eat with their family. There are a million things that can make a person wonder. Wonder if this road they are on is the right road. Is this road brought me true loving happiness?, has this road made my heart feel whole?. This is the things all people think later in their lives as there heart starts to mature. Some hearts are damaged by a lot and some stay cold. But, they do think it. A lot will live this way thinking it till the day they die, as some minds aren’t capable of understanding what it will take to open there heart to change into a person that’s ready to really love someone. Death plays a big role in people’s lives. Losing a loved one can really bring a heart down. It can bring a person down to their knees as they lay and cry and just ask why. Why did this happen to me? That’s the biggest question that people asks themselves. With time they only feel there heart getting weaker as the day’s move forward as they miss that loved one and try there hardest to give the best respect for them. with time the heart starts to settle as new emotions start coming in. Different emotions, Ones you haven’t felt before. You feel if you now live in a totally different world than other people do. What many don’t understand is, that death you encountered did not make you weaker. You know you felt weaker, it didn’t. It only made you stronger as the new emotions rolled into your heart and matured it. It made it stronger for you and someone else. It gave you more power to love someone; it made you wiser on whom to choose. It did so much for you, that most live in shock for a long time trying to sort out the emotions in their hearts to put the puzzle pieces back together again to only make them stronger and wiser. Some don’t give enough time to figure out who they are, some rush and live in constant cycles of unhappiness. But the ones who do, grow stronger morals, faith in there selves, they look back at how they once was and realize that, that wasn’t what love is all about. This is. Not only a loss of a loved one helps us understand this maturity of our heart as we get older. Some are lucky enough to just give themselves time to their selves in life as they got older and realized that who they once was, was getting old to them. Anything can happen to someone to make them see the true beauty of love. I know I have. If you can believe in yourself, than others will believe in you. When others start believing in you with time, than you will know your heart is finally mature to carry on a beautiful healthy relationship. If so, the sickness is healed.

Change is something we all do in our lives. Some change for the best and some Change for the worst. How do you trust someone that says they have changed? Do you just accept it and move on, or do you hold their past problem against them, to carry it in your mind to use it against them in the future. Do you give it a week? Do you give it a month? A year? Do you carry that doubt you have for them that long? Most people do. Most people live in doubt always worried if they are going to change back into the person that you hated. That doubt builds up inside and it only makes that person heart head into another direction. A direction that it shouldn’t be going into. A direction that takes time, but in time it usually leads into someone else. Saying I will change for the best in a relationship isn’t always the best thing to say. Because now the other has something to doubt about.

Learning to love someone truly is easy. Getting to know them is easy. Opening your heart to learn them is easy. All it takes is patience. With patience, love can go so far in life. Looking at the person and learning their movements, learning their feelings, listening to them talk and getting their opinions on things, talking with them about just life in general, will teach so much. Having the patience to love someone with communications can go so far. Learning there vibes and emotions shown from that person to always know what they like and don’t like. Respecting that and not doing what they don’t like. With love and patience your heart slowly builds as one to respect the others feeling. With love, you don’t hate them feelings, which at one time you thought you would. The reason is, with patience, the hearts grew together to love one another and now they are happy together to love and Respect the wishes of the other. That happens with patience. Love grows with Patience. So what is there to change? If you really love the person than your inner instinct should have told you, without her knowing, that you needed to change. You change out of love. If you truly in your heart love this person, than changing without them knowing is the best way to love someone. Only patience can make it happen. Some argue, some disagree, but coming to terms with it and letting it go is the 2 hearts loving as 1, to forget about the problem and moving on. People say nobody should change for anybody. But that’s not true. When 2 hearts start to work together with time and patience, they can only change each person for the best. The person becomes better for their self and there partner. And that’s change. Without it spoken. It just happens. To only bring happiness for the both. Love just happens and so does change. It happens for the best of both hearts.

I am not really into the bar scene and I don’t really feel comfortable meeting someone for the first time “drunk”. I am a very open minded person with a huge heart and plenty of morals. I am not here to brag about myself or be a show off to get people’s attention. I am very mature for my age and only believe in doing the right thing. I have had some very rough times and I have had a lot of bad things happen to me but all of that has only made me stronger and who I have became today. I love to laugh and be sarcastic at times but only in a good way. I love the simple things in life. I don’t try to make everything a huge deal. Simple walks down the street or at a park, cooking burgers and hot dogs on the grill, setting up a tent and watching over the lake as the sun sets, pointless drives to the pop machine just to hold each other’s hand and sit and talk, going out for a few drinks and shooting some pool, catching a flick at the movies, not even really caring what’s playing on the screen, cuddling up on the couch and watching whatever is on the screen just to be held and to escape into pure comfort knowing your holding someone you love, endless touches, back rubs, kisses, morning surprises, I mean the list could fill this page of simple things that matter the most in a relationship, and it’s the little things that keep the bond strong and the happiness flowing. I’m a very simple person with a creative mind, very mechanically inclined ; I have my goofy times, my good days, my bad days and my sad days. All women do too. It’s a good feeling knowing someone is there to always help you through them times with an open heart and an open mind to walk you through and help you out with patience and understanding. I would love to find someone that will love me for who I am and nothing else. I have a very big loving heart that never stops. I am not the type that changes after a few weeks or months to only let the woman down and feel miserable. I am only looking for a woman that believes communication, respect, and understanding can make a relationship work. I would love to simply find someone to spend the rest of my life with to learn, love and cherish.

I believe family always comes first and that there happiness is 100%. I love for a woman to love the little things like I do. I think the little things make the biggest difference in a relationship when they are learned loved and respected. I feel they make the couple one. I don’t ever want to be put down for the little mistakes that I make in a relationship as I would never put anyone down. I love to laugh and be sarcastic at times but only in a good way. I think every woman has they’re cute little things they do and they might feel it’s stupid, but I believe it should only be loved which will only make a relationship last a lifetime.

Well, this is my story and I’m sticking to it ‘Cause I’ve got no reason to lie. Send me a message if you would like to talk more.

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