So many great blogs in my mind, that will have to stay there until I have the time and energy to give them the attention they deserve! So, in no particular order, are random snippets from this single, soccer mom’s past few weeks:

The quirky artist/Borderline Personality/Sex Addict/Compulsive Eater/Emotionally Stunted ex that I broke up with the end of March, continues to cling to the driftwood of our brief relationship. He has shown up twice in places that he knew I would be. The second time, upon finding me with a male friend, he was very blatantly passive-aggressive and questioned loudly: “Is this the new man?”. The awkwardness of that encounter was clearly not enough, as he drove to my house when he knew I was at work and left a letter on my door (he lives on the other side of town).  The letter detailed all the ways he knew that he had screwed up the relationship, a very clear picture of how much the ending of our relationship had devastated him emotionally (I have cried every day, all day long, since you broke up with me), as well as the fact that he realized now that he could never “replace” me. Seriously? He is close to mourning the relationship for longer than it actually lasted. I decided to not respond in any way. I’m also now locking the double lock on my door and glancing over my shoulder when I am in public. Paranoid? Maybe. If any food goes missing from my house though, I’m installing an alarm system.

Also in the world of “ex” news: One man that I dated for a couple of months got married on Saturday, another just got engaged and yet a third is announcing to the world that he is in love.  It is churlish and petty of me to not be thrilled for them, as I did NOT want to be with them. Still, it stupidly rankles just a tiny bit! Ever seen the movie “Good Luck Chuck”? Yeah…neither have I. However, apparently the premise is that every girl who sleeps with “Chuck” ends up getting married shortly thereafter. Hmmmm…only slept with two of them and this has been over the course of the last four years, so perhaps I’m being premature with my theory. If several more of my ex’s tie the knot soon, I shall be highly suspicious!

Finally, I have been dating someone for six weeks now. We are moving slowly (which is good!) and so far all is well. I’m trying to stay neutral  and just take my time getting to know him. I’m cooking for him at my house tonight, for the first time. My vow of chastity is intact so far and I plan to keep it that way!

Now…off to stuff the children’s things in closets and random corners, stack the piles of laundry in a spare room and hope that the 30 minute nap I attempted to cram in doesn’t show on my face when he arrives!

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