Winner of the Day!

Somehow, I think this guy would wind up on my Top Ten List of Sexual Blunders. In fact, I don’t even have to sleep with him and he’s already there!

I just want a cute curvy female who is loyal and happy seeing just me an average of every other night. You can spend the night with me whenever basically. I want a woman who loves to suck, who will always want to suck on my cock at night (which will lead to fucking) and who also wants to suck me off in the morning. I want you to deepthroat this beautiful cock, milking it sensually and slowly. You must know how to use your hands as well holding my balls and ass the right way, and stroking me to cumpletion down your throat. Maybe even finger fuck me some as you suck me. Maybe even we can learn to milk my prostate. Must love to swallow. Sometimes I will want to try to gag you and make you puke even. I know this prolly sounds like your typical selfish guy wanting you to do all the work all the time…. but if you are cute and curvy i will want to fuck your brains out all the time as well and I like to do all the work when it comes to fucking. I am kind of a smaller build guy with a nice big beautiful circumsized penis. I am in great shape and have beautiful curly hair. I am white and disease free. I can trade pics or communicate via phone. Hope to hear from the right girl. Totally real here of course.

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