100 Blogs and a Lesson in Language!

I just reached 100 blogs!

This is a huge milestone. I celebrated by researching how to say “This is not a porn site” in several different languages. On my Facebook page for this blog I’m up to 750  fans. I’m pretty sure that most of them are only fans because my blog has “sex” in the title. I’ve also gotten numerous messages from men lately, wanting pictures and personal details. It’s interesting that it keeps occurring, because my blog (and the single, provocative picture of my legs surrounded by sports balls), would be very disappointing to those seeking a pornographic thrill. Heck, it’s rarely even about sex! I’ve even considered “re-branding” and removing the word “sex” from my blog title, just so I don’t have to deal with this issue anymore, but I really like the name I’ve chosen!

Still, what else would have given me the opportunity to say “This is not a porn site” in Farsi?

Although, I must say “thank you” to all the people who read my blog. I’ve noticed that I have a substantial number of readers from countries all around the world. Apparently, my stories appeal to many different cultures, which is extremely flattering. Thanks for reading!

I’ve also realized this blog needs some lighter subjects! Lately, I’ve been so bogged down by emotion that I’ve been unable to manage the tongue-in-cheek vibe about dating, relationships, sex and life in general that motivated me to get busy writing! So, gentle readers (I’ve always REALLY wanted to say that), I will be attempting to lighten the mood in the future and provide a bit of sarcasm and humor. I’m sure it will be a welcome reprieve from my intense, introspective, soulful, melancholic musings.

Besides…100 blogs! Is it wrong that I looked up my ex-husband’s girlfriend’s page to see how many fans she had? Or that I mentally chuckled when I saw that I had more? Nah…it’s a moment of private (okay, semi-private) pettiness that I try to rarely allow myself. Hopefully I’ll be forgiven the slip.

Now…what should be my theme for blog 101?

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