Internet Stalkers

While waiting for my profile to expire, I still continue to receive messages occasionally. Sometimes it will prompt me to browse and in so doing, I came across the profile of a man that I’ve noticed has viewed me several times in the past. So I sent him a short message to say hello; afterall, his profile was interesting and his pictures attractive.

To which I received absolutely zero reply. He did, however, view my profile 7 times over the course of the next week and a half. Finally, I sent him a second, semi-teasing email asking why he continued to view my profile and yet didn’t respond to my email. He’s viewed my profile 4 times since then (and I received confirmation he’s read the email), but still, no reply. I’ve encountered this sort of strange, online dating stalker before. I simply can’t understand it. He must have every single line of my profile memorized by now and something obviously keeps luring him back. Yet he can’t respond with even a brief reply? Weird, very weird.

I also received an email from a guy telling me how interesting my profile is and how much he’d like to get to know me. Awwww…sweet. Of course, he’s found me on every single internet dating site I’ve joined for the past THREE YEARS and sent the same message. To each one, I’ve sent the same polite, “no thank you” response. Seriously, he’s sent me like 15 messages on various sites over the past few years. At what point do you ask something along the lines of: “Dude, do you have short-term memory loss? It’s still me, the woman who has already said no like a dozen times.” It’s just creepy at this point and I don’t even bother responding anymore.

Online dating…where there’s always something or someone that makes it bizarre.


stalker 2

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