Winner of the Day!

Notice how he tries to lure the ladies in with promises of romance and adventure first, then saves the “obedience” and “punishment” portion of his desires for later?

I’m a sweet guy who believes in taking care of a girl and truly spoiling her. I believe the guy should pay for dinner, open doors… as well as provide the occasional flowers and chocolates. I am romantic, adventurous, and love to travel.

I love to travel and see new places. Road trips, flying, you name it. I would love someone to travel and go on adventures with. My friends are either too busy or can’t afford to travel.

I am Dominant (24/7, not just in the bedroom) by nature and looking for a submissive partner. I know that type of relationship isn’t for everyone, but it is what I’m seeking.

You should respond to this ad if:

YOU LOVE TO BE TAKEN CARE OF – I’m a romantic at heart and love to spoil and take care of my girl. I want to cherish her, love her, and provide for her safety and happiness always. If you’re a bigger girl don’t be afraid to write – curvy girls are beautiful too!

YOU ALWAYS PUT YOUR MAN FIRST – you can listen and trust your man with the decisions. He’s #1 in your life and you are dedicated to pleasing him. You are happiest when he’s happiest. If you have kids (which is OK) – I can understand they likely come first – just so long as I’m second.

YOU DRESS TO PLEASE YOUR MAN – you don’t mind wearing what your man selects each day and you might even enjoy him helping dress you occasionally. You’ll always know I’m happy with how you look. Short on cute outfits? No problem, we’ll go shopping together.

YOU LOVE TO BE AT YOUR MAN’S SIDE (and not leave it) – If we’re out and about (shopping, adventure, etc.) I would expect you either at my side or within arms reach at all times. If you needed to dash off for any reason (potty, etc) you would politely ask first, then patiently wait until you were excused…

“OBEDIENCE” DOES NOT SCARE YOU – your desire is to please, listen to, and obey your man. In the [hopefully rare] cases when you fail to do so you are willing to accept your punishment (which could include spanking, corner time, loss of privileges, etc.)

YOU DESIRE A LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP – you are ready for a serious, long-term relationship that could lead to marriage. I don’t want to rush into anything, but I want someone who is tired of the dating scene and ready to settle down. I’m not looking for games, casual dating, or anyone just playing the field.


2 Responses to “Winner of the Day!”

  1. he is *so* on the wrong site for that type of relationship!

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