Winnder of the Day!

While admitting that he is…ahem…not a materialistic person (See? You can put a great spin on EVERYTHING!), stating that IF he finds a girlfriend she would have to be very understanding…well, it’s a novel approach.  

Alright, so here’s the deal, I basically work for my family; I don’t have any official job, so I make very little money. Since I make so little money I could never afford car insurance, so I don’t drive. You have anything to say about this? Go right ahead, I’ll happily talk with you about it. My family and I, we get by, we’re happy, we stick together.

I am always looking for good understanding people to talk with, get to know, and maybe become friends with.
I really would love to have a girlfriend, but boy, she will have to be a very understanding person. I know I could be a great boyfriend/companion, even with my faults. Ya just got to get to know me.

I am who I am. If you can’t take me with the bad, then you sure don’t deserve me at my best! Also If there is a girl out there please be fit, active, and healthy. Be willing to use email or IM. No phone numbers, and please post pictures.

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