Winner of the Day (Seriously!)


Tired of trying to sucker unsuspecting Craigslisters into going to your bogus Adult personals website and putting in their credit card info? Get back to me and we can interface for some hot fun. I’ll claim to be tall, rich, good with kids, well-endowed and ready to settle down. You can tell me that you are thin, blonde, with d-cups, looking for something physical with no strings and strangely attracted to men 15 years older than you. Then we can exchange links and get really hot and heavy. Don’t worry, I always use protection (Norton Anti-virus), and this is my first time posting on Craigslist (except all those other times). If things go well the first time, maybe we could even get together again and do some phishing or send out emails to old people claiming to be the lawyer of their long lost wealthy relative from Namibia. Please be real and DDF or at least say that in your response. Pictures (that I will never look at) are required or I will delete your email without reading. Hope to hear from you soon.


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  1. awesome

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