Winner of the Day!

Is this an ad for a job or an ad for a date? If it’s an ad for a date, then his list of requirements (including being available 24/7) might be a little much. If it is an ad for a job, I can’t help but wonder why he needs the applicant to be no taller than 5’6″ and petite. Hmmm….

Looking for woman that wants to work with me running my Home Improvement business and raising my Son.
Must be tough. Strong willed and responsible. Able to take on all kinds of new things. Never worry to much about money. Just want someone to Spend time with all the time. So if your that person.
Send Photo’s of yourself. And I will respond if I am interested. I’ll know you when I see you.
I am 5′ 6″ 145 athletic build.
Looking for No taller than 5’6″ . petite/athletic/skilled/computer literate/Entrepreneur/Family values/Country girl/Likes camping/hiking/fishing/movies/martial arts/guns/Flowers/messages/Home cooking/ETC.Free spirit/available 24/7/No Kids.
No photo, no phone, no response. If you have a job , you might have to quit, to help me. yes you get paid too.
money not important. ill know when I see you…

See you soon,

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