Return of “Winner of the Day”!

This guy is creepy in the extreme. I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting some of his craziness, in case you’re short on time. If not, feel free to browse the entire ad (Craigslist personals). In several places he asks: “Are you getting the point?” The answer is yes: I will stay as far away from you as is possible.

So many say they seek honesty, being able to speak with out fearing judgment or ridicule, Yeah ok !.. Yet to find thee. Please don’t fall in love with the words herein, fall in love with the man, NOT the boy (this is repeated from experience).
May (our) hopes and dreams be realized, Better than expected. I would love nothing more than to start (our) journey ASAP (remember this as it may become clearer if we get beyond just wishing).
IF WE CAN’T SPEAK HONESTLY WERE DOOMED FOR FAILURE ONCE MORE. (apparently some just want to continue flagging my ad) for there childish reason(s) behavior, perhaps someday (we) will stand by as we see Gods judgment passed on them.

Sooo many fall in love with my words, Sooo many have NO clue what type of man there overlooking. I would trade ALL them praises for the “right one” to come forth and “BELIEVE” we can make a BETTER life, Lets stop being indecisive, I put myself in that category aw well, Because I have one standing offer now, But there has to be SOME sliver of attraction. Unfortunately were judge too much by the cover, And NOT the content of the heart and soul. Again maybe I am just as guilty. And do feel take ownership of such guilt. Were NOT even close to perfect.
Oh what A tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive… There is always sad stories behind the above saying (both genders) are capable of GREAT deceptions, especially today. I prefer to be OPEN & HONEST.
So many say they seek honesty, being able to speak with out fearing judgment or ridicule, Yeah ok !.. Yet to find thee. Please don’t fall in love with the words herein, fall in love with the man, NOT the boy (this is repeated from experience).
May (our) hopes and dreams be realized, Better than expected.
My name is Robert, For those that are NOT open to childbearing, I am sorry. I am seeking to start or add to FAMILY. I just wanted to save you some time reading. BTW; Future is a KEY word (more below).
( I will accept them as my own ). I thought this should be close to the top.
Please read carefully, I do NOT look favorably to respondent(s) that miss KEY information, You would think with all the crazy behavior and actions we hear on the news, we would be more thorough and FOCUSED. Gee whiz !!
I have been yearning and feel my life will never be complete until I have another chance at Fatherhood ( I will explain more in a more private setting) I have a story to share which MAY give you better UNDERSTANDING, I watch programs were I almost break down when the baby comes into this world. Will you give us that chance?
I ask that you bare with me as I lay some foundation for UNDERSTANDING. I utilize caps for emphasizing, NOT screaming. Unfortunately we live in a society which almost everything has to be beyond realistic, Everyone has needs. But what are we willing to do to meet the others needs? Think about that as you continue reading or NOT.
I hope as I continue moving towards my hopes and dreams you will allow me to speak as I hope ANY woman would want there MAN to speak, HONESTLY ….
Much of the juicy stuff and I mean that in a “good” sense is below πŸ™‚ Unfortunately my prior experiences have dictated I defend some of my character .. Well see if you understand or agree, If not. No hard feelings.
We all have our petty likes and dislikes. What is important to some, may NOT be on the radar screen or as important to others. BTW; How did your last “type” work out? Remember this as you either BELIEVE in me, US or you continue seeking “YOUR TYPE”.
Talk to me but don’t be mean as some have been in the past, If it doesn’t FIT no hard feelings right?
Please understand I am one of few on ANY dating site that is committed to US. By US, I mean you me and any significant other. Having each others back, Easier said than practiced, easier brushed aside than understanding what this means, It may have a different meaning to you as it has to me. Perhaps the “right one” for me will want to learn if (we) share the same outlook, hopes and dreams. To learn what’s Robert’s definition of having YOUR back as well as MINE.
If you believe there are still SOME good men still willing to accept you NOT for what you posses in material “things” But your compassion and understanding, then please read forth.
I choose to be open at the cost of some ridicule and judgment. I have cut back on the amount of script because of some of the cynical people that have responded to my ad in the past, My ad has been flagged MANY times.
Even if it is because of the length of the ad, It is still no legitimate reason, even if there responses are shallow and selfless and I respond wishing them well in there search and they take it personally or whatever childish reason(s) they choose to flag my ad I will continue re posting until I find thee.
If you don’t think (our) success is worth some time to develop UNDERSTANDING….. Were NOT going to succeed and that is what i want the outcome to be success. How about you?
If you believe age is more important than attraction and substance… Were NOT of the same mind set and so we agree to disagree (exchange pics) and go from there, NO HARD FEELING EITHER WAY were adults. NOT kiddies. This paragraph apparently is NOT computing to some, Because I still receive responses that ask my age and photo right of the bat, Not Hello Robert my name is ________________________.
See I believe etiquette IS important, even if we find out later were NOT meant to be together. We accept even reluctantly as I have in the past and move on.
BTW; Do you realistically believe someone less than 30 years old would be writing like this? So yes; I prefer to be open but don’t want what could be the “RIGHT ONE” to dismiss me because of numbers, there is much more ammunition to dismiss me below πŸ™‚
So many have come and gone… for as many reason(s). I am NOT perfect, Actually I have done many things I am ashamed and sorry for, But in all confidence I try to do the “right thing”, No matter what were talking about, I have flaws, But as long as God knows whats in my heart, I don’t need people to acknowledge that deep down I am a good person.
I don’t expect ANYONE to have enough information to make an informed decision, whether Robert is a good person or whether Robert will hang around in tough times, Believe me after all I have been through, I know what I want. However I also understand, It is only God’s will. All is his will.
No site is impervious to bad elements (both genders).
Hopefully at some point, I will be UNDERSTOOD and NOT misunderstood.
I am not here to play games, I still believe I will find thee, Yes; even on this site full of so many personalities, good, bad and in between. I believe were very close to judgment day. Closer that most people can wrap themselves around ( I will expand some if you bare with me).
I am NOT rich, I am NOT a cowboy, though I probably would look good in a cowboy hat with my long hair. I am NOT perfect (repeated)
I am a “GOOD” man that has been through a lot, deceived, judged, misunderstood. They (my past relations) have said they “loved” me. So I guess there is still hope for the future πŸ™‚ BTW; Actions speak louder than words, even all these words. Don’t fall in love with the words, fall in love with me and help me BELIEVE in thee.
Are you getting the point?
Though there are MANY other men on this site you could consider and most likely in a better place and under BETTER circumstances than Robert, Perhaps my character, compassion and HONESTY should be given a chance to come through…………………
Sometime around late July or Aug, I will be wanting to buy a piece of property were I (we) can live. Well see if (we) can agree were to purchase, If purchasing is NOT an option at that point (we) can rent. If this is the option, I will need a house with a garage for my workshop. Again that is a ways away, lots to learn and overcome. I want to emphasize, Were we choose to reside is NOT as important to me as WHO I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE IN….
How about you?
Will you go the distance with me? By that I mean even if I was in Florida currently? I am ! Do you believe distance is easier to overcome than TRUST?
I do!!
Why am I positing in Louisville and surrounding area, Is because I believe I will find thee there and I also have been through Kentucky many times, I use to have a small Kentucky.
Another tid bit I like Holidays with snow even though I am native Florida guy, But there is more to overcome like.. You got it TRUST ! !
Are you open to being patient? That is just one quality (we) need to posses, Trust me, I would have preferred this search to be over, UNDERSTATEMENT. But know believe that it is from my current suffering that (we) may have the means to (our) dream(s).
I had to apply for disability, My day in court is coming as stated late July, Aug or Sept. I would hope (we) have all (our) ducks lined up before I go into that courtroom, Although life is never guaranteed beyond our next step. Also you should understand that I choose(d) to reveal this at the potential cost of being greatly deceived, Don’t think I am naive.
Exclusivity is earned (repeated).. and I expect we will be discussing this in depth further down the road, I want to put EVERYTHING in ONE basket, But I come with the SHOW ME mentality as well as…………………..
ASLTW !! That is the abbreviation for actions speak louder than words.
I am open to exchanging photos first. But please….. a name πŸ™‚ Remember etiquette. Then IF we get past that unknown, I would like to send you some of my writing(s).
I am pet friendly, believe a dog and other animals should be part of “THE FAMILY”.

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