“Dating A Single Mother” (Shamelessly Stealing)

Today I read a great blog: Dating A Single Mother.

I’ve heard a lot of negatives about dating single mothers, even reading “amusing” quotes like: “Dating a single mom is like playing someone else’s saved game”. I know there are plenty of men who probably pass me by because I already have children. I’ve gotten questions like: “Do your kids have the same dad?” on the first date even, almost as though there’s an assumption that I was loose or negligent with my birth control. No…I married someone who I ultimately could not stay married to, for multiple reasons. I did not have this clarity when I chose to have children with him and fully believed we’d be together forever. This is not a failing on my part. My children are a beautiful gift from a relationship that was a huge part of my life for a long time. While I recognize that my children would be an extra responsibility in the relationship, they would also bring an extra element of reward. I have great kids and I’m a better person for having them. Plus, I truly believe I will make a better partner because of all the things being a parent has taught me.

So, I hope the author doesn’t mind me reposting her blog, but reading it brightened my day and I felt I had to pass it along to any other single moms out there who might need it.



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