It’s A Small World Afterall

The city I live in is fairly small, so running into people I’ve interacted with on dating sites is bound to happen. It has happened, but rarely with as much of a “disconnect’ as what follows…

While on Facebook, I come across a photo of a friend who just had a great article written about his art/craftmanship in a magazine. The photo is of his entire “team” and one of the team members caught my eye. When I followed a hunch and looked up his Facebook page, lo and behold, there is the guy that I wrote about in my blog Blase Much? Yes, the one who sent me an inexplicably weird email days after we briefly chatted…the one who told me my hair was pretty and it made his dick hard. Needless to say, I didn’t respond favorably.

I mention this to my friend’s wife and she is completely bewildered and refers to him as a total “Sweetie”, while expressing how out of character it seemed for him. Hmmmm…now, it’s possible that he is a total sweetie with the boss’ wife, but a complete jackass to women online. Still, the whole thing seemed strange.

So I sent him an email on Facebook, reminding him of the exchange and asking what happened. To which I get a reply back that says he has no idea what I’m talking about, wonders if a friend decided to play an unkind prank with his account, then apologized for what happened. He could be lying, but I’m going to choose to believe he’s not. The encounter seemed really bewildering and off when it happened, totally not in keeping with the couple of emails we’d initially exchanged. Between that and the character vouching he got from my friend, I’m going to go with his story.

Still, it was a reminder of just how small this whole dating world is and to be careful how you treat people online. You never know who they know, or how it will come back to you in the future!

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