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The Mystery of The Octopus Sex is Solved!

Posted in fetish with tags , , , , on April 25, 2013 by sexandthesinglesoccermom

One interesting perk of writing a blog is that I get to see what leads people to my articles. For three years now, I’ve continued to be mystified by a recurring pattern of searches that bring people to me: “Octopus sex with humans”. They find my site based on one blog article I wrote a couple of years ago:

The Human Octopus

I’ve always been bewildered by the frequency with which this particular search pops up. I could, theoretically, understand curiosity from a couple of people. Okay…I’m lying. I can’t even begin to fathom how someone conceives the idea. At what point does someone go: “Hey…wouldn’t it be cool to have sex with an octopus?” Still, it kept happening and I was still mystified. Today I happened to mention it to a coworker, who responded casually with “Oh yeah, that’s all the rage in Japan. There’s a whole cult following for it.”


So of course, I have to google it. I mean…octopus sex? Who knew? Sure enough, there is an entire underground of weird kink that originated in Japan, devoted to “tentacle erotica”.


“The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife” by Hokusai: 1814

There are numerous anime films featuring tentacle penetration, often non-consensually,. There are comics devoted to the subject, with rape by tentacle being the main theme. Of course, America jumped on the bandwagon and upped the ante with live action B-films portraying tentacle sex. Los Angeles Artist Zak Smith even has an entire  series on octopus sex.

Okay, people…what the hell?

I have my kink. I have no problem with other people having theirs. This, however, is completely beyond my comprehension. Still…at least the mystery is solved!