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Why The Local Cuban Men Possibly Think I’m A Whore

Posted in Dating, online dating with tags , , on March 22, 2013 by sexandthesinglesoccermom

There’s a great cuban restaurant close to my house. When they opened, I was thrilled; A local business with fantastic food and a decent wine/cocktail list that’s five minutes from my house. Perfect!

Sadly, I think I’m getting somewhat of a reputation there…and it’s not for the “soccer mom” portion of my pen name.

It’s only natural that when my dates ask for suggestions on a restaurant, it’s one of my top picks. If I’m dating someone exclusively, we go there throughout the course of the relationship. One memorable evening with D (when he suggested we get a pitcher of margaritas) I had two drinks on a relatively empty stomach and managed to get staggeringly drunk. Literally, not figuratively.

I might be able to overcome that impression. Except…

The other day I started counting the number of different men that have accompanied me for Cuban food and I was suddenly uncomfortable. The last three dates that I’ve taken there (within the past 3 weeks), I imagine I see a glint of something (Judgement? Lechery?)┬áin their eyes when they look at me. Paranoid? Perhaps.

Yet I think it’s possible they think I’m a very loose woman, possibly even an escort (I prefer to fantasize they think I’m a very HIGH PAID escort–afterall, if I’m going to have people think I’m a lady of ill-repute, I’d like to at least be in the upper tier). I always show up in really cute clothes, with makeup and heels, with a different man. Frankly, most men don’t make it to a second date. So…

I may be in the market for a new first date restaurant. Which is sad, because at least I’m always guaranteed good food. Some people have notches on their belt. Apparently I have notches on my cuban restaurant attendance. Frankly, my number is too high…